Top 3 Legal Document That Requires Professional Korean Translation

Published on January 12 2022

Moving to a new country can be challenging, whether for studying or for a job. You have to go through several legal procedures and traditions to fit into the new place. While you don’t need to translate every document in your possession, some papers require quality translation. And you will need a qualified translator for those Korean legal document translation. 

If you are guessing what those documents might be, continue reading to know if your guesses are correct! 

Korean Legal Document That Requires Professional And Efficient Translation

While auto-translations can come in handy, it’s best to rely on a professional for legal documents. 

Here are some legal documents that need professional translations: 

1. Crucial Certificates 

Documents or certificates like birth certificates that provide a record of your identity need translation when you move to a foreign country. You will need your translated birth certificate when applying for dual citizenship or adopting a child. 

2. Licenses 

Licenses state that you have met a particular standard, like a professional license. It proves you have the qualification and knowledge to perfect specific tasks. Marriage, business license, driving license and import, export license are some of the documents you will need to get translated. 

3. Patents 

When patenting ideas, information, and products, it’s crucial that you translate them into all applicable languages. You will need a certified legal translator for this job to ensure the patent meets the legal requirements of all the countries involved. 

Additionally, you will need to translate your immigration documents, transcripts, and financial records. It will help the government verify all the facts and figures surrounding you. 

Get Certified Translators For Korean Legal Document Translation

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